Southampton Blizzard

After I made it in to university this morning, my course mate and I decided it would be a good idea to rent out a Canon 550D camera and walk around Southampton capturing the ‘Beast from the East’ that had decided to settle around the city.

I had captured these photographs at around midday where you can still see the ground poking its way through the snow, however, if I was to have taken these a few hours later, there would be no path left.

I enjoyed watching the centimetres of snow gradually increase from the comfort of my house after taking these photos.


A Nighttime Stroll

Over the weekend I borrowed a Canon 550D from the university so I could experiment with different settings.

Below are a few of my favourite photographs taken outside of Southampton’s Guildhall with a couple of my friends.

The settings I mainly used involved keeping my camera on the TV mode in which I adjusted the Shutter Speed to 1/200 with an ISO of 1600. I realised when I came to edit these images that my ISO was slightly too high resulting in a fair amount of grain, perhaps next time I will experiment with a lower ISO and hope for a clearer result.

Exploring Guildford

As part of my university course, I am required to complete a minimum of 100 hours of work experience during my three years at Solent. Luckily, my uncle was able to set me a photography task from his company that would count towards my work experience profile.

The task involved me walking around Guildford for the day and photographing well renowned areas of the city, such as the cathedral, sports park, high street, as well as general day to day areas such as the train station, park benches and rows of houses.

Below are my favourite photographs captured using my Nikon D3300.

A Railway Trip

During my first year at university, one of my modules was to film and edit together a short (no longer than 10 minute) video about the Mid Hants Railway Watercress Line with two other students. Before our scheduled day of filming we had to attend an orientation at the site a couple of weeks in advance so we could get our bearings and start planning our ideas. During our orientation day I took a couple of photos of the railway site from up on the bridge.

These photos were taken on my iPhone 5s.