A Change in Genre

On Saturday 10th March I had the opportunity to be the photographer for a local music event.

Before this time I had not had professional training or experience of live music photography so I was both excited and also a little nervous as I did not want to disappoint the bands that were playing.

Luckily I was able to capture a good handful of photos for each band and I was very happy with my results, especially as it was my first time working in this genre of photography.

Photographs for Jetski Babylon:

Photographs for Knuckleheads:

Photographs for Speaking of Witches:

Photographs for One Last Thrill (headline act):


Southampton Blizzard

After I made it in to university this morning, my course mate and I decided it would be a good idea to rent out a Canon 550D camera and walk around Southampton capturing the ‘Beast from the East’ that had decided to settle around the city.

I had captured these photographs at around midday where you can still see the ground poking its way through the snow, however, if I was to have taken these a few hours later, there would be no path left.

I enjoyed watching the centimetres of snow gradually increase from the comfort of my house after taking these photos.

A Nighttime Stroll

Over the weekend I borrowed a Canon 550D from the university so I could experiment with different settings.

Below are a few of my favourite photographs taken outside of Southampton’s Guildhall with a couple of my friends.

The settings I mainly used involved keeping my camera on the TV mode in which I adjusted the Shutter Speed to 1/200 with an ISO of 1600. I realised when I came to edit these images that my ISO was slightly too high resulting in a fair amount of grain, perhaps next time I will experiment with a lower ISO and hope for a clearer result.