Nature through a Macro Lens

Because it was a sunny day today I went for a walk around my local park and took my camera and new macro lens with me.

These are a few of my favourite photographs.



I had a family day out to Brighton and so I thought I would take my camera with me just because. In the end I took a few scenic shots but this one was my favourite out of all of them.

This photograph is my favourite because of the contrast in lighting as it gives off the atmospheric mood that people have enjoyed their day on the pier and have now settled down on the deck chairs to watch the sunset. The composition with the majority of the subject matter in the left of the frame draws the viewers attention but because of the lighting and the way the horizon splits through the centre evens out the subject matter within the frame.

This image was fun to photograph and an enjoyable conclusion to our family day out.

DSC_0052 (2)